Stereo Pair 2020
Industrial Design, Motion Graphics, Art Direction
Ramirent Social Media Guidelines
Art Direction, Animation
Animation, Art Direction, Illustration
Dancing man
A model is dancing.
Art Direction, Illustration
The Wunderers
Film, Visual Effects
Form Experiment
Art Direction, Illustration, Fine Arts
The work of an artist
Documentary film, running time 37 min.
Directing, Film
MathGlass (Fractals can be beautiful)
Art Direction, Fine Arts
3D renders of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Head scan from the Wikihuman Project (
Art Direction, Illustration, Fine Arts
Tesseract (Interstellar fan art)
Fan art of the film "Interstellar" by Christopher Nolan. Astronaut model by Domenico D’Alisa, the rest by Janne.
Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art
Returning to base
Illustration, Art Direction
Raw Power
21st Century Louvre Sculptures
Illustrations based on scans of 18th century scupltures.
Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art
Art Direction, Illustration
Outer Space
3D animation passion project
Art Direction, Animation, Motion Graphics
Max Lilja: Reflection
Music video for Max Lilja
Animation, Directing, Art Direction
Luxury Watch Commercial
Motion Graphics, Graphic Design
Buko Boyz
Video and live projection for a multi-disciplinary art project: poetry, original music, live projection. Music by Max Lilja, poetry by Charles Bukowski.
Cinematography, Motion Graphics
Max Lilja: Revelation
Music video for the cellist Max Lilja.
Cinematography, Motion Graphics, Painting
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